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Visiting Doctor's Report

  • With the chairman of SUITE, Prof.Dr.Kudo
  • Dr. Hayashi’s teaching young doctors

Introduction of yourself

My name is Liu Kuiliang. I am an attending GI doctor from Beijing, China graduated as M.D/PhD for 8 years ago. I have great enthusiasm in endoscopy, both for advanced GI endoscopy and ERCP.

Motives to come to SUITE

Undoubtedly, the reason why I decided to apply fellowship in SUITE is Prof. Kudo. As well known, Professor Kudo is one of the most famous endoscopists all over the world. In China, Prof. Kudo has a lot of faithful fans. His textbook of "colonoscopy insertion method" is respected as a "bible" and almost every endoscopist has read it. The achievements of Prof Kudo is not restricted to the colonoscopy skill. The theory of pit pattern is an insurmountable mountain until now. I have a great interest in colonoscopy diagnosis and management, so studying in the most leading center in colonoscopy is my dream. In addition, I also look forward to improve my knowledge in advanced endoscopy and learning the endoscopy practice system in Japan. After I have learned that SUITE is one of the World Endoscopy Organization training centers and can provide the opportunity for fellowship, I have begun the application immediately. Thanks for Ms. Yoshinaga and her predecessor Ms. Tanaka, they really helped me a lot in fellowship application and visa preparation.

Impression of SUITE

In SUITE, I have the chance to talk to Prof. Kudo, hear his lesson and watch his colonoscopy skills, he is so kind and I am always impressive for his special colonoscopy skills. The endocytoscopy and "EndoBRAIN®" AI-system is so amazing that biopsy for colonic polyps is nearly abandoned in SUITE. I think the endocytoscopy combined with EndoBRAIN® is really useful in practicing the theory of pit pattern and is promising for realizing the dream of Prof. Kudo for eradicating colorectal cancer. In SUITE, a large volume of colonoscopies have been performed every day. Endoscopic diagnosis is performed carefully one by one for all lesions identified in screening and the most optimal strategy was selected after perfect magnifying examination. During ESD, Dr. Hayashi's skill is really amazing. The close co-operation between surgeons and endoscopists is always the unique advantage in SUITE.

In addition to clinical practice, I can hear various research reports in morning conference. The researches in SUITE are well organized and assigned. Every doctor has his research subspecialty. The innovative research in colonoscopy and early colorectal cancer management inspired me a lot.

The other impressive finding for me is the excellent ability of young doctors in the group of SUITE. I noted that most of daily practice are finished by the young endoscopists. They can perform skilled colonoscopy screening, magnifying examination and EMR, and all of them can perform ERCP, which was considered as a challenging procedure in China. In my opinion, this should be owed to the effective training protocol in SUITE. During my fellowship in SUITE, I have seen the patient instructions to young doctors from senior doctors for many times. During ESD procedures, I can see that Dr. Hayashi has spent all of his mind in teaching young doctors.

SUITE is also an outstanding endoscopy center not restricted to colorectal cancer management. During 3 month observation, I have seen a lot of other procedures including upper GI ESD, enteroscopy, EUS, ERCP, EST, EPBD, ERBD, hemostasis, colonic stenting, ileus tube insertion, dilation, et al. My understanding of endoscopy was significantly improved during the observation.

The fellows in SUITE are always so kind and friendly. I can always get patient explanation for my questions. They always explained a lot to me during the procedures to help me to learn more. I am allowed to see all the procedures as I wish. My supervisor, Dr. Ogata, and the secretary of SUITE, Ms. Yoshinaga kindly helped me in the studying. In Showa University and SUITE, we can always get free access to many famous endoscopy journals, it is really convenient for my studying here.

Three months fly so fast. The training in SUITE will definitely be an unforgotten experience for me. In future, I hope that I can have chance to get back again.