Visiting Doctor's Report

Aung Thet Oo (Myanmar)General surgeon, graduated from University of Medicine (Mandalay)

It is well-known that Japan has achieved the best survival rate of gastric cancer all over the world. According to the literature and cancer statistics, there is a decresing trend in incidence of colorectal cancer in Japan. So I have decided to apply for fellowship training in Japan.

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Fatma Adel Mohamed Mourad Abozeid (Egypt)Gastroenterologist and endoscopist. Lecturer of hepatology and gastroenterology in Mansoura university

I have planned to come to Showa Universityto improve my knowledge in high definition endoscopy and magnification endoscopy and also to learn about therapeutic procedures like EMR and ESD.

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Merna Airoud (Syria)Doctor of Medicine, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University

I read about SUITE in the internet, the center-of-excellence digestive disease center around the world which has an expert team of endoscopy and endoscopic surgery under the supervision of the legendary Professor Kudo, and having had the chance to meet him was a dream coming true for me.

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